Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico, Virginia Address

The Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico is located off of Interstate 95 in Virginia. The area is a popular destination for military families due to the low cost of living and nearby schools.

The HMX-1 selection board is accepting packages from active-duty majors and captains in the rotary-wing and tiltrotor communities who want one of the most coveted assignments in the Corps. The unit is responsible for transporting the President, Vice President, Cabinet members and other VIPs.

How to Get There

The Marine Corps Base Quantico, also known as MCB Quantico, is located in Northern Virginia, near Prince William County. The base is easily accessible by Interstate 95. It is south of Washington, D.C. and north of Fredericksburg. The National Museum of the Marine Corps is also located on MCB Quantico. It is advised to allow 3-4 hours for touring the galleries and Semper Fidelis Memorial Park.

Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1) is the only helicopter squadron in the Marine Corps that has the responsibility of transporting the President of the United States. HMX-1 is based at MCAF Quantico, with detachments at the White House Military Office, Executive Alert Facility and Greenside.

Applicants to HMX-1 should complete a pre-screening form. This form is available online and requires a current SSN, UNIT email address (may be the Career Planner’s number), and a phone number. Applicants will be contacted by the HMX-1 staff if additional information is needed.

What to Expect

The Marine Corps Air Base Quantico (also known as MCAF Quantico or simply Quantico) is located in Northern Virginia, also known as NOVA and the National Capital Region. The area is home to the headquarters of the Marine Corps Basic School, the National Museum of the Marine Corps, and Semper Fidelis Memorial Park. It is also the location of HMX-1, the Marine Helicopter Squadron One.

Although pilot and flight crew members are the unit’s most coveted positions, HMX-1 requires an array of Marines in other MOSs for everything from logistics to administration. The squadron has a dedicated fiscal and aviation supply department, and its safety and standardization department is similar to that found in a composite helicopter squadron with several different types of aircraft.

All Marines who desire to serve with HMX-1 must complete a screening form prior to detaching from their current command. The format for the latest version of the form can be found under “HMX-1 Resources” on this page.


MCB Quantico is home to the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), which manages major Marine Corps ground weapons and information technology acquisition programs. It also serves as the senior contracting authority for all Marine Corps procurement activities.

Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 (HMX-1) is a unit on MCB Quantico responsible for helicopter support of the President of the United States. The squadron was founded in 1947, when rotary-wing flight was still in its infancy. The squadron has flown Presidents, the First Lady and Heads of State throughout the world.

Those wishing to join HMX-1 must complete an application and pass a pre-screening test. They will need to contact their current command to request the appropriate forms. Those awaiting orders to HMX-1 may use their personal email addresses for communications with HMX-1. For more information on HMX-1, visit the Recruiting Brief page. Small business set-aside government contracts are available through MCB Quantico.


Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico first opened its doors in 1919 as a flying field for squadrons returning from World War I Europe. It was the first Marine Corps Air Station. Today MCAF Quantico houses HMX-1, the Presidential helicopter squadron that is responsible for delivering the President to his destination. The squadron also flies for other VIPs. Its call sign is “Marine One.”

The base has its own commissary, exchange and housing offices on-site, but the area is best known for housing opportunities in the surrounding communities. Families who want to live close to the base can find homes in Stafford, Triangle, Dumfries and Woodbridge, all located off Interstate 95. Be warned, however, that the NOVA/DC area is notorious for traffic congestion during rush hour.

Service members can use Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) to help pay for housing off-base. The amount varies by duty location, pay grade and dependency status. Learn more about BAH.

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